7 mandatory places to eat in London

*Pentru varianta în limba română, apasati AICI!


Besides being passionate about traveling around the world, I am also a foodie lover 

This is the reason why I always try to go to new places in the cities I travel to. London has such a long list of restaurants and cafés to choose from: cheap or ridiculously expensive, fast food or luxurious venues, traditional or fancy ones. You just need to make a little research before choosing.


Here are my favorite places to eat when I visit London. I still have a long list of restaurants to experience when I will be lucky enough to explore my soul city again.

PS: Burgers are life in London so I did my best to taste as many as I could.


  1. Electric Diner in Portobello

New entry on my list of favorite spots to eat in town, Electric Diner was a recommendation by a beautiful friend of mine, Anna, who lives in London now. I am so happy I listened to her and, in December, being on a weekend getaway, I had the chance to experience it for a breakfast feast. Yummy! I think the pictures talk for themselves




I chose the avocado on toast with poached egg and my boyfriend went for the traditional English breakfast. Do not be fooled by the appearances: I took some fried bacon aside for my “healthy” breakfast and also tasted everything from my boyfriend’s plate. All in all, be sure to put this place on your London list!

More info: http://www.electricdiner.com



  1. Garfunkel’s Restaurant at Trafalgar Square

Since we are talking about the traditional English breakfast, you should put Garfunkel’s on the list as well. My first time here was by mistake: we were so hungry that we just stopped at the first place we saw on the street and we had a tasty surprise. I mean, I know English breakfast is not healthy and light, but it is a must when you visit England, especially for the first time.



PS: I must admit I always pretend it is my first time because I love full English breakfasts. And after a meal like that, you are good to go and explore the city all day long 🙂 

PS 2: We chose the Garfunkel’s Restaurant situated at Trafalgar Square, but you can choose a location that suits you from their website.

More info: http://www.garfunkels.co.uk/



  1. Jamie Oliver’s

I do not have to introduce you to this one since it is already known all over the world. When I got to London for the first time, I was dying to taste one of the amazing dishes prepared by the famous Jamie Oliver.

And we were in luck: we found Jamie cooking in Convent Garden at Jamie’s Italian. So we choose the most delicious pizza and, of course, two large beers to accompany the food. Since then, I have experienced many of his restaurants.  For example, in June this year, I went for the burgers and fire ribs at Jamie Oliver’s Diner at Piccadilly Circus.

PS: You also have the fancy option at Barbecoa – St. Paul’s or Piccadilly.

More info on his restaurants: https://www.jamieoliver.com/restaurants/





  1. Shake Shack at Piccadilly’s Circus

This December’s surprise regarding burgers was from the popular Shake Shack. Although I have seen it many times in London, but also in other parts of the world, I have never tasted their food. Now I wonder why since their burgers are absolutely divine. Mmm, I mean I fell in love with them literally. And so did my boyfriend so I’m not the only one.

I went for the SmokeShack and I could have not been happier that night. I will be back soon, I am sure!

More info on locations: http://www.shakeshack.com




  1. Sushi Samba London

I got to my favorite one since I am a sushi addict. The thing with this place is that, besides having amazingly tasty sushi, it also offers you one of the best views in town being situated at level 38 and 39 at 110 Bishopsgate in the City of London, so directly among the city’s skyscrapers.



PS 1: The menu is not only based on sushi, you have multiples tasty choices 

PS 2: If you want a table in the restaurant, be sure to book way in advance, I mean at least 1-2 months in advance because the place is always packed. The good news is that they also have a lounge area where walk-ins are welcomed.

More info: http://sushisamba.com/london/





  1. Comptoir Libanais in Kensintgon

Two weeks ago, while walking from the underground to our hotel, Xenia Autograph Collection in Kensington, we passed by this charming pinkish restaurant. I said to my boyfriend we need to pay it a visit before going back home. That being said, in our last day in the city, we went there for lunch.




If you are a fan of Lebanese food, you will be in love. Their dishes are amazing, but, as a plus, the restaurant is picture perfect. I mean look at those cute tiles and decorations.

More info: http://www.comptoirlibanais.com/




  1. Hard Rock Café London

I guess we all are familiar with the popular Hard Rock Café because everywhere you go in this world, you will sure find one. But, the thing that made me visit it in London is that here, at Park Lane, you can find the first one in the world. Enjoy freshly prepared American entrees and the classic favorite Legendary Burger. Top that with a large beer and you will leave the restaurant with a smile on your face.

PS: Be sure to book in advance if you want to get a table without waiting. If you do not succeed, just go there and be prepared for a queue of 45-50 minutes. The good news is that you have Hyde Park just across the street, so you can take a short walk till you table is ready.

More info: http://www.hardrock.com/cafes/london/




I would have some more recommendations for you, but, unfortunately, I do not have pictures to convince you. Taking into consideration that my travel blog was planned less than a year ago, I must admit I did not have so much patience before tasting back then. I am disciplined now because I want to share as many tips as I can with you, guys!

That being said, you should google them first and then add to the list:

  • Novikov – Fancy sushi place;
  • Angus Steak House – Try the ribs! Yammy!
  • Aubaine Selfridges – Extremely cute breakfast place;
  • Farm Girl Café in Portobello – Chic café in Portobello;
  • Duck&Waffle – Good food with a view;

PS: If you decide to visit London for winter holidays, it is mandatory for you to try the goodies at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park: bratwurst, hot-dogs, waffles and pancakes, corn on the cob, French fries any many more. Such a tough choice! Do not forget about the mulled wine!



That being said, have fun in your next trip to London and be sure to enjoy all the goodies  

If you need more information or you have some good places to share for London,  I am waiting your comments below or on Facebook and Instagram.


Happy travels,

Blonde around the World 

PS: Așa cum am promis, AICI puteți vedea varianta în LIMBA ROMÂNĂ pentru această postare: 7 restaurante pe care nu trebuie să le ratați în Londra ❤ 



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