10 reasons to visit Bali next summer

*Pentru varianta în LIMBA ROMANA, apasati AICI!


After almost two blissful weeks exploring this beautiful island, our Bali adventure was coming to a close.

There I was, standing on the edge of a cliff watching my last Balinese sunset. Once again, this place wanted to show me its beauty and charm by allowing me to see one of the best sunsets so far. Shades of orange and yellow between different shapes of angry clouds. As a child, I used to watch clouds for hours and imagined each one of them represents something: a heart, a butterfly, a dragon.



This time, I was just admiring the breathtaking scenery and enjoying the calm and peace. The driver arrived to take us to the airport and that got me thinking about what Bali meant for me.


  1. As I said above, Bali meant great sunsets. Sadly, weather on the island can be pretty moody even in the dry season. The angry clouds only allowed me to see five magnificent sunsets that I will always carry in my heart.                                                 bali4.jpg Here are the best spots for watching the sunset on the island:
  • Seminyak Beach – Try a cold beer or a fancy cocktail at La Plancha Beach Bar & Restaurant or a glass of sparkling wine at KU DE TA or Potato Head.
  • Kuta Beach – While struggling to stand up on the surf board, you can also see a beautiful sunset between the waves. PS: Do not forget your waterproof camera, you will get some awesome pictures J
  • Tanah Lot – Also known as one the best sunset spots. Get there early, it gets packed by 6 pm.
  • Uluwatu Temple – cliff view, temple, peace, waves – what more can you wish for?
  • Jimbaran Bay – perfect mix of sunset and amazingly tasty seafood.
  • Lembongan Island – just 5 minutes from Devil’s Tear you can find a perfect sunset spot where you can enjoy a cold Bintang while the waves hit the rocks!




  1. Bali meant surfing. This was definitely the most exciting and rewarding experience on our holiday! I knew the island was well known for crazy waves perfectly crafted for surfing and I came prepared to give this water sport a chance. I was not sure I will be able to stand on the board, but apparently determination and a little bit of luck are enough. I only have one advice for you: Go and try it out!!! Can’t wait for the next time I will be able to hit the waves!



  1. Bali meant adventure. Climbing, hiking, chasing waterfalls, swinging over the jungle, cliff jumping, “scootering” around narrow streets – only a few of the most interesting activities. You cannot be bored on this island and the adrenaline junkies will totally love it. Every day had challenges and I was not able to stay up after 12 am more than one day. This sounds like a good holiday, right?




  1. Bali meant incredible views. Cliffs offer breathtaking panoramas all over the world. And Bali is not an exception. Kelingking Secret Point on Nusa Penida was the peak of my holiday and the most beautiful place I have ever seen. Be sure to check it out!


5 La Joya.jpg

  1. Bali meant inner peace. To be honest, traveling always helps me finding my balance. After weeks of hard work as a criminal lawyer, my mind and soul need some days apart from all that. And what better way to find peace than seating on a deserted beach or in the middle of the jungle? Just you and your thoughts. Bali offers a great variety of choices that could help you find your inner peace as well. I also recommend trying one yoga lesson in the morning 🙂

10 D wan Tea.jpg

5.1 La Joya.jpg

  1. Bali meant relaxation. Just lying around with a book in my hand and a piña colada by my side. Although I said above this island is perfect for adrenaline junkies, you can stop for at least one day and just do nothing. Whether you choose to tan on a beautiful beach, breath fresh mountain air in the middle of the island or take a dip in an infinity jungle view pool, you can definitely find some time to relax.

2 Bali Beach

10.1 D wan Tea.jpg


  1. Bali meant sushi and sea food. Of course, white rice is on your plate every day. After all, you are in one of the most renowned places in the world for rice terraces. But the fresh fish and sea food represent a recipe for success when it comes to sushi. Being a sushi addicted, I couldn’t help myself and I ate as much as I could. Also grilled prawns and calamari are a must!



  1. Bali meant fresh exotic fruits. There is nothing better in the morning than enjoying a big fruit platter. It is the best way to boost your energy and prepare for an adventurous day. You can also find so many combinations for freshly squeezed juices. PS: Trying the tasty dragon fruit is mandatory!




  1. Bali meant nature. This was probably the most authentic thing about our holiday. Being in the middle of the nature, watching the sun rise from the mountains or sleeping in the tropical jungle. I loved the fact that you still find untouched places, not packed with tourists, to enjoy the calm and wilderness.




  1. Bali meant discovery. I discovered new places around the world, I let myself be amazed by their beauty. But, as I always consider, when you travel you discover new parts of yourself and so much of who we are is where we have been. And this is probably the most beautiful part. I came home with a full heart and with amazing memories that keep me alive till my next discovery.



To sum up, Bali was so much more than I’ve hoped for and it stole my heart for good. Surfing the mad waves for the first time, waking up in the middle of the jungle or getting lost on empty beaches… Watching the sunset from a cliff, snorkeling in crystal clear waters or riding a scooter in the chaotic traffic… Adventure. Adrenaline. Peace of mind. I know I will be back sooner than I imagine!


Tell me where you wanna spend your summer holiday  in a comment below or on Facebook and Instagram.



Blonde around the World 

PS: Așa cum am promis, AICI puteți vedea varianta în LIMBA ROMÂNĂ pentru această postare: 10 motive sa vizitezi Bali vara viitoare ❤ 

8 Alam Ubud.jpg


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