My Top 5 Best Sushi Places in the World

*Pentru varianta în limba română, apasă AICI!


When it comes to food, I must confess: I am such a sushi lover as you probably already know from my previous travel blogs. I may sound a bit weird (even my boyfriend believes this) because I have no cravings for chocolate or cakes, but I would always taste some sushi. Since I know many of you share my preferences, I wanna tell you the places where I ate the best sushi in my travels. Maybe one day, you will visit that city and you will be curious to taste it as well.

As a plus, sushi is a good option if you are trying to eat healthier and take care of your body, so if you haven’t tried it yet, maybe you should give it a chance.

 It is hard to say this was the best and this was second because it was all delicious, but here is my Top 5:

  1. Terasi in Ubud, Bali

The sushi there was so good I couldn’t resist and ate twice in two days. My favorite was Bali Tempura Shrimp, but the menu offers a great variety to choose from based on your preferences. As a plus, prices are really low for this kind of cuisine. I mean you will pay around 15-20Euro for a full table with drinks included. Sushi heaven, right?

bali 2

bali 1


  1. Umai-Ya Japanese Restaurant in Suria KLCC Mall, Kuala Lumpur

This restaurant has a special place in my heart because the sushi was so diversified and contained ingredients that I don’t even know about. I was over the moon and couldn’t stop eating even though I could not breathe anymore. When it comes to sushi, it is hard for me to decide what to order since I want to try it all, so I always end up with a full table. But the sushi here was such a delight, I would have ordered more!

KL 1

KL 2

KL 3


  1. Sushisamba in London

London has so many sushi restaurants and even sushi fast foods, but Sushisamba is my weakness probably because here I ate the first sushi outside my home country and also because of the amazing view that the venue offers. It is located in the City of London, right among the skyscrapers. It gives you the chance to taste the best sushi while admiring the big city life. My favorites are Tiger Maki and Samba London. PS: The place is always packed so be sure to make a reservation well ahead.

london 2

london 1


  1. Azure Beach at the Rixos Premium Hotel, Dubai

This place is a new entry on my list, but it was easy for it to get to the top. This February, on a short visit to Dubai, we had the chance to spend a day under he sun with our friends and had lunch here. I went for the sushi and I was so happy to see how good it was. I chose the Salmon Roll and loved the combination between salmon, cucumber, rocket rolled in crispy sweet potato, topped with torched salmon belly & wasabi mayo. What a delight!

dubai 1

dubai 2


  1. O2 Lounge at The Ritz-Carlton, Moscow

I bet everyone likes to have dinner with a good view. Well, we found the most beautiful view of Moscow at the O2 Lounge, the best sky bar in the city, situated at the last floor of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel. So if you want to see the Red Square and the Kremlin from above and also eat a good sushi, this is the place for you. Unfortunately, I was there in wintertime, during Christmas holidays, so the terrace wasn’t available, but if you are lucky enough to visit during summer, you will have an even better view!

moscow 3

moscow 2

My list could go on and on since I always try sushi in my holidays after tasting the traditional cuisine, of course. I hope to be able to taste it in every country of this world!

So now it’s your turn. Where did you eat the best sushi? I am waiting your comments below or on Facebook and Instagram.


PS: I am so sorry for my long absence on the blog, but now I’m back with lots of information to share with you, guys!


Have a great week,

Blonde around the World 



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