Meet Blonde around the World

There are so many travel blogs out there and you are probably wondering why should you read this one. I urge you to do it because I am simply writing from the bottom of my heart trying to share with you my happiness and love for traveling.

I suffer from wanderlust. A strong desire for or impulse to wander and to explore the world. From the smallest and simplest village to the most vibrant and cosmopolitan city. The happiness of waking up in a different place every day.

The joy of wandering tiny streets in Rome with a „gelato” in my hand, drinking tasty sangria in Barcelona, holding hands in Paris, eating delicious pizza in Naples, dancing in the rain in London, tasting wines in Tuscany or driving a convertible on the French Riviera.

The luck of having fun with friends till sunrise in Ibiza and Mykonos, seeing the sun set in the incredible Santorini, skydiving in Lisbon or seeing the world from the top in Dubai from Burj Khalifa, the tallest building of the world.

The blessing of feeding a baby elephant on an empty beach in Koh Samui, swimming with a dolphin in the Caribbean, sunbathing in the tallest pool in Singapore or taking cooking classes in Bangkok.

The opportunity of going jogging in Central Park in New York as if I would be one of the actresses in Sex and the city, hang gliding in Rio de Janeiro after trying to learn samba at the Carnival, sleeping in a water bungalow in Maldives or losing all money in a casino in Las Vegas.

I am blonde and I am around the world every time my daily job as a criminal lawyer allows me. I have a huge list with all the places I want to visit and the things I want to experience when I will be lucky enough to get there.

How about your list? How many places have you checked?



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  1. I suffer from a love of travel too! Always new stuff to see!


    1. Exactly, I couldn t agree more 😍

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